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if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration. energy is all there is. but you knew that already. feel it, when your hair stands on end. the charge between your cells when they begin to buzz a lil brighter. there's frequency, a vibration to all things, every thing. every room. every person. where the air’s begun to ring in time with another, charging the air with a taste of its truth.

each one of us is blessed with the senses that let us tune in. connect into a deeper, higher layer of reality. tap dat channel in the atmosphere we can feel in our bones - in the brain that lies in the pit of our bellies (google it).

the third eye. a sixth sense. some days just a whisper. a dusting of more. others big truths booming, jolts so strong they take you from your body for just a second, propelled to a place where you know she goddamn knows better.

this is the eye - the i - through which insight, ideas, love arrives. how you cast that eye into the world (what you choose to see) is destiny determined.

what happens if the third eye turns away from the light, attention caught by shinier objects, revealing something in its shadow? will the third eye spoil with gifts unused, and begin to morph into an evil one? protect your gift. and decalicfy your pineal gland yo.


third eye meditation



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